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Surprisingly often, people do not realize that a wide selection of alternative modalities to modern "conventional" healing practices exist. These modern practices heavily emphasize pharmaceutical drugs and surgical intervention. While these methods can be life-saving in an emergency situation, their usage does not always fully satisfy our needs in more chronic situations.

Pharmaceutical drugs tend to override the physiology and emphasize one particular action. This is a main reason for the increase in side effects and the disadvantage that a person may have to then stay on that drug for life.

Herbal formulas have been used for thousands of years on billions of people. They are designed to assist the physiology, not take it over. This can help change the physiology back to normal and has the advantage of shorter term usage. They also tend to be more balanced in their functions in order to decrease the amount of side effects.

And while surgeries do have their place, many times other modalities can be used to prevent the final outcome of a problem necessitating surgical intervention.

Numerous alternative therapies have been clinically proven to be effective, and some have been known for thousands of years. They can often be used in conjunction with and as a complement to modern "conventional" treatments, not always as a replacement for them.

Stan Posey has been practicing alternative therapies for health and wellness since 1988. He often works in conjunction with the modern "conventional" treatments of patients' primary care physicans. Among the approaches he offers are:

Since these techniques may be unfamiliar, this website provides brief introductions to these approaches. To determine which methods would best benefit you, contact Stan Posey at (520) 326-0443 for an appointment.